The idea for Upshaw PLLC began in 2009 when Dr. Upshaw, then a client representative for Nokia managing numerous outside law firms, tried to imagine what law firms would look like if clients could design them from the ground up. Three years later, Dr. Upshaw set out to build exactly that firm, explaining his guiding principles on the firm’s home page. Those principles remain intact today, with two additions in italics:

  • What we do: Patent litigation, antitrust litigation, and related matters; multi-litigation program management and consulting.
  • How we do it: Pay attention to our clients, think outside the box, match litigation strategies to clients’ needs, execute ethically and tenaciously on their behalf, work smarter, and learn from experience.
  • What makes us different: Our Managing Attorney spent six years as in-house counsel. We know what is important to you because we’ve walked in your shoes.

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