Antitrust Litigation

Antitrust litigation is one of the most complex areas of American law. Exacting legal standards and advanced economic and statistical methods are required to define markets, measure market power, and evaluate anti-competitive effects. Difficult issues are often further complicated by considerations of jurisdiction over global markets, conflicts of law, class certification, intellectual property rights, standard-setting organizations, and interaction with administrative enforcement agencies.

Our team is well-positioned to plan, manage, and execute antitrust litigation on behalf of clients as a result of the combination of areas of expertise our lawyers bring to bear. Dr. Upshaw is a former professor and recognized economics expert who has both studied and taught statistics and industrial organization. He has advised clients on cross-national deals and disputes with private parties and administrative enforcement agencies. Our attorneys have a great depth of experience handling complex commercial cases, class action matters, conflicts of substantive and procedural laws, standards-setting processes, and all aspects of intellectual property disputes and enforcement. And no firm is better-equipped to anticipate and manage the potential impact of antitrust litigation on its clients than one comprised of attorneys and former in-house counsel who are experienced in business themselves.

Please contact us if you believe you may have been financially affected by an antitrust conspiracy, monopolist, or other unfair trade practice.