Our core service goal is simple: achieve better client outcomes at lower cost through strategic focus and operational excellence.

The firm was built with this goal in mind and it is reflected in every aspect of our organization: We invest in the resources that drive litigation performance—our people—and control costs everywhere else. We market good lawyering, not expensive real estate, because trying to be everything to every potential client would undermine our mission focus. We make decisions carefully, but decisively, to take advantage of our organizational flexibility in the pursuit of client service; we don’t manage by committee. We hire leanly because we staff leanly; spend carefully because we charge carefully; and avoid the financial commitments that create pressure to overbill.

You may not need more lawyers to handle your docket—you may just need efficient ones.  Contact us or explore our practice areas to learn how we apply our client service model in specific situations:

Patent Litigation Antitrust Litigation
Corporate IP Counseling Post-Grant Proceedings