Corporate IP Counseling

For many companies today, from Internet start-ups to large multinationals, intellectual property (“IP”) is a critical business asset. IP is unique, having the characteristics of both a tangible property asset, and of an intangible legal right realized through enforcement. Consequently, a company’s IP is an integral part of its operating business, and an integral part of its legal strategy.

Corporate IP counseling is thus an inseparable part of our deep experience with patent litigation; and the interplay between operations, IP, and litigation are a fundamental component of our attorneys’ experiences in-house and as entrepreneurs. We recognize, as a matter of course, business realities that attorneys who only know private practice as litigators or corporate counsel may not even be aware of. We understand that litigation, licensing, patenting, and settlement decisions affect not only particular IP rights at issue, but have business ramifications for operating profit margins, freedom to operate, the company’s comparative advantages, return on investment in R&D and other sectors of the company, the company’s ability to attract capital and collateralize loans, and public companies’ reporting requirements.

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