Patent Litigation

Patent litigation on behalf of operating companies, and related matters (such as antitrust litigation, corporate IP counseling, and post-grant proceedings) are what we do. Our firm’s origins lie in Dr. Upshaw’s experiences as in-house counsel with a docket dominated by patent litigation of every size and description. And patent litigation on behalf of operating entities remains our focus to this day.

Our lawyers have experience, as in-house and outside counsel, handling all aspects of patent litigation in a variety of forums worldwide and in the U.S. (including the Federal Circuit, the International Trade Commission, and numerous District Courts).

Because two of the key concerns clients have in patent litigation are unpredictability of outcomes and the related phenomenon of high litigation costs, we place particular emphasis on combating them by focusing on realistic early-case assessment, directing resources to high-value objectives, and ruthlessly streamlining litigation processes. Our steady focus on narrow, closely-interrelated areas of law allows us to use tried-and-true processes and templates case after case, implemented by engineers and paralegals in response to attorney instructions, to control quality, manage costs, and promote cross-case consistency; while directing attorney time and research to the distinctive aspects of each case that require their closest attention.

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