Patent Litigation, Antitrust Litigation, Multi-litigation Program Management and Consulting.


Outcome Driven

We litigate quietly and cost-effectively with focus on our client's priorities.

Photo showing the advance features
Photo showing the advance features



  • Patent Litigation
  • Antitrust Litigation
  • Corporate Intellectual Property Counseling
  • Post-Grant Proceedings
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Our Approach

The founding principle of Upshaw PLLC is to build a law firm that delivers what our clients need. As professionals, our highest aspiration is to be re-hired and referred by satisfied clients who know and trust our character and excellence. We rely on our results to get work, and would invite prospective clients to examine the public records of our representations in evaluating us, focusing on outcomes for our clients. Most of our work is repeat business from in-house lawyers with expertive in the very areas where we practice.

Litigation-particularly in its later phase is usually expensive, disruptive, and very public. The publicity and expense are usually great for lawyers, but not so much for their clients. In our experience, clients are usually better-served when cases go away earlier, more quietly, and more cheaply as a result of realistic, early assessment; forcing opponents to confront the weaknesses of their case; and narrowing the issues or winning outright through motion practice and discovery.

Our Team